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Nvidia's Geforce 9M series preview!

Nvidia is to launch its new family of mobile GPUs in the name of GeForce 9M series by late February.
The whole new bunch of GPUs, fabricated using TSMC's 65nm fabrication technology, are the direct variants of the company's desktop part, the GeForce 9 series of GPUs.
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In brief, as we have seen from chart Nvidia is now playing with nomenclature rather than implementing new technology in it. Fortunately, we have witnessed the long awaited advent of 256-bit memory interface equipped mobile GPU for mainstream user which might bring significant performance boost when running demanding games as well as applications prevalently found everywhere.

Does it say something confidential, who cares?

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It's about time: Nokia 6300i

The truly iconic Nokia 6300, one of the company's bestsellers as well as top revenue generators of 2007, has been overwhelmingly popular especially in Europe and Asia Pacific regions due to its streamlined, sleek, and 13.1 mm at thickest point slim design, yet packed with up-to-date features like 16 million color QVGA display, 2 megapixel camera, EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, music player, and FM radio. It is estimated that over 20 million 6300's have been sold since January last year.

One year has passed...it's time for Nokia 6300 to be refreshed with enhanced features that should make one already decent phone even better and better.

Now let me introduce you its successor which still retains what have impressed you since the time of the Nokia 6300, the new Nokia 6300i...

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Frontal shot of white Nokia 6300i__

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__What about reversed side?__

Now take a look at the updated or enhanced features...I already brief those for you!
  • the new phone's imaging prowess is a lot improved..
    • 3.2 megapixel camera with dual LED flash (up from 2 megapixel)
    • active viewfinder landscape mode is possible.
    • Side dedicated camera key is added as well.
  • The phone is destined to provide better better battery life that its predecessor..
    • New 16 million color TFT display with power-efficient LED backlit
    • The implementation of ambient light sensor (integrated with earpiece)
    • it uses new 860 mAh BL-4CT of which cell is made in Japan (the same one we have seen with the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic).
  • The user interface is based on Nokia's latest Series 40 5th Edition Feature Pack 1.
  • The replacement of MiniUSB connector with MicroUSB one, but the charging still cannot be done via USB port.
Nokia should officially announce it by 11 Feb. at Mobile World Congress Event. It should be available in the market within 2 week after the announcement with an estimated retail price of 230-250 euros.

It's about time, isn't it?

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Nokia's Press Release on Its New 1202 Model!

Budget in the limelight: Nokia’s new classy entry level phone makes its shiny debut

February 11, 2008

The attractive Nokia 1202 offers true balance between affordability and subtly refined design language

Barcelona, Spain - Inspired by the fact that people in emerging market also demands for the stylishly designed, affordable, yet reasonably durable mobile phones, Nokia answers them with the introduction of the new Nokia 1202.

Continuing the tremendous success of the Nokia 1200 as well as strengthening Nokia’s leadership position in entry market, the Nokia 1202 is keenly tailored with additional features to make it more intuitively simple to even the first-time mobile phone users.

In order to improve the visibility and readability, the Nokia 1202 comes equipped with the more vibrant, yet natural white-color backlit black-and-white display as opposed to the Nokia 1200’s traditional amber-color backlit display. Also, to further refine the design attitudes for the entry-level mobile devices, Nokia offers the Nokia 1202 in the elegant white color, which exactly suits its white-color backlight.

For the first time, Nokia lets users belonging to entry market enjoy the top-class call quality by introducing the noise cancellation filters which help decrease background noise for improved sound quality. This unique feature to make the reception call intelligibility better is rarely found in this class of devices.

The Nokia 1202’s other features are largely based on the Nokia 1200 including easy-to-use multi-phone book, useful call-time tracking, handy flashlights, localized languages, a teaching mode that allows non-experienced users to quickly learn how to master the phone, while single-piece rubberized key-mat also protects the phone from dust and water splash, another reality of rural mobile phone use.

The Nokia 1202 will be available in the first quarter of 2008 with an estimated retail price of 30 EUR before subsidies or taxes, only in classy white color initially.

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About Nokia

Nokia is the world leader in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries. Nokia makes a wide range of mobile devices and provides people with experiences in music, navigation, video, television, imaging, games and business mobility through these devices. Nokia also provides equipment, solutions and services for communications networks.

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INCREDIBLE FACTS: The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Edition

I would like to begin with "Its Most", "Also first" and lastly "Perceptively Sharp" subtopics.

Its Most..

  • Officially Nokia’s smallest mobile device ever, measured in term of volume at merely 44.8 cc., just 0.2 cc tinier than the former champion, Nokia 2630
  • Nokia’s lightest feature phone and overall second lightest mobile device weighing around 71g, only 5g heavier than Nokia 2630
  • At 9.9mm, it is Nokia’s second slimmest phone ever standing right after Nokia 6500 classic and ties with Nokia 2630.
  • Best-sounding series 40 UI-based phone along with its bigger brother Nokia 5610 as proudly proved by RMAA results.
  • One of the series 40 UI-based, QVGA display-equipped mobile devices with longest stand-by (up to 1 week with moderate usage) and music playback times (up to 18 hours) ever even though powered by average 860 mAh battery.
  • Cheapest series 40 5th edition UI-powered phones with feature pack 1 currently available (around 230 EUR)

Also First..

  • First series 40 UI-based device to feature dedicated audio chip (TI’s Burr-Brown DAC-33 high-performance, low power digital-to-analog converter) along with Nokia 5610
  • First and only series 40 UI-based mobile device to offer support for 3.5 mm universal audio jack, which helps eliminate the need for adapter and potential audio quality loss through it.
  • Presumably one of the first series 40 UI-based Nokia mobile devices to be equipped with LED-backlit TFT-LCD display and automatic backlight adjustment, which significantly reduces the power draw consumed by the display
  • First and only Nokia mobile device to be powered by the new BL-4CT battery having 860 mAh capacity of which all-new Japan-made cell is improved a lot though it has the same capacity as 4-year-old BL-4C battery.
  • First series 40 UI-powered mobile device to come with massive 2GB in-box microSD readily; but, this is just European exclusiveness because Asians would have 512MB one instead.
  • First candy-bar styled Nokia mobile device to have the antenna part on the bottom; however, this would be considered uniqueness rather than advantage.

Perceptively Sharp..

  • Nokia’s prime strategy concerning its 2007’s XpressMusic device range is to thoroughly change the way consumers perceive the music-focused mobile phone and to combine that with miniaturization.
  • Nokia’s thin mobile device does not seem to suffer from weak battery life issue any longer by wisely doing some tweaks to the way the company makes mobile devices, for example, making uses of LED-backlit display, ambient light sensor, improved battery cell while retaining the same dimension.
  • Perceived audio quality and playback time from mass-market mobile phone now rivals those from generic MP3 players.
That's it....all the facts which sound incredible to me..

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Nokia 6120 Classic: One device, three records

On April 17th, Nokia has launched the new compact, HSDPA-enabled mobile devices aiming at bringing together lightning fast speed connectivity and S60 smartphone platform to the masses. Despite the fact that its design more or less resembles Nokia 6233's , this new Nokia 6120 classic has nothing to do with it.

As the title implies, in addition to the Nokia 6120 classic's prime duties mentioned earlier, the Nokia 6120 classic is one rare device capable of breaking some of the company's records. The first record to be mentioned here is that the mere volume of 66 cc. truly makes the Nokia 6120 classic the company's smallest smartphone to date, beating the late champions (Nokia E50 and N76) by only 4 cc. It seems that miniaturization progress goes quite well for the Finnish camp.

Moreover, this time Nokia gives you more than you initially expect; With only a mere 89 g. of weight, the Nokia 6120 classic is also the company's lightest smartphone to date.

In order for the Nokia 6120 classic to accomplish its mission to bring S60 to mainstream market, its price would not be that high. With only a mere 260 EUR, anybody can purchase the Nokia 6120 classic, making it the S60 smartphone with lowest estimated retail price so far. The Nokia 6120 classic is expected to be on sale with this quarter.

The Nokia 6120 classic also features 2 megapixel camera with panorama mode, preloaded How-To Guides and a Set-up Wizard for email and internet connectivity. The Data Transfer application allows consumers to transfer contacts, calendars, photos, videos and files from their previous Nokia to their new Nokia 6120 classic.

Excellent job from Nokia! I love it!